Terms and Conditions

Website shop.demas.it does not impose any minimum order amount – buy only what you want! To order simply register free of charge.
Shop.demas.it stocks over 20,000 items, which can vary by pack and format, for example. This depends on the choices made by producers or suppliers who do not always inform us of these changes. The photos assigned to the item description and/or certain data may not be up-to-date, whereas the product name, weight and price are always accurate details. If there are changes beyond the outward appearance, you will be notified before the order is dispatched.
Delivery costs are always not included in the price shown on the article. A dedicated shipping quotation will be notified before the product dispatching. 
Website shop.demas.it uses TNT or Fercam to deliver. At the quotation notification you’ll be able to choose for an express or an economy transport service.
You are required to check that the number of packages shown on the transport document is actually the same number delivered by the courier. If a package is visibly damaged/broken or closed with the courier's adhesive tape you must write on the document due to be signed "package damaged or package broken". Without this indication it will not be possible to issue a reimbursement for the goods.
It is not possible to arrange delivery or specify an exact time
Delivery can be made at any point during the day, during office hours
To facilitate the delivery you are strongly advised to provide an address at which someone is present. Please state if the address for delivery is an alternative address (workplace, neighbor, shop, relative, friend).
The name of the person or company must correspond exactly to the name written on the doorbell.
You must provide a single address as it is not possible to give a second address to the courier as an alternative in case there is no-one present.
No provision is made for delivery to a specified floor.
Charges for international delivery always vary depending on destination-weight-volume. 
Invoice – transport document
Did you know that website shop.demas.it also takes an active part in initiatives to safeguard our planet? That's why from today we have decided to do even more to help the environment, by saying STOP to the unjustified use of paper. Together we can take advantage of technology to reduce pollution and therefore increase our love for nature. You will find your invoice in your email inbox! Email is a highly environmentally friendly, fast and safe means of communication. Our website shop.demas.it sends all information including invoices, newsletters and general communication only by email, and you can choose whether to print out or not. We must take into consideration that a printed document not only consumes paper, but also always generates pollution in view of the use of non-renewable materials such as transport, for example. Whereas email, if used carefully, involves only modest electricity consumption. Using it with care and attention means printing emails only when it is really necessary to file data and information on paper and not just on computer. We are confident that this decision will be shared by all our customers and by the planet that hosts us!
Change the order - Cancellation / Right of withdrawal
To request a change you need to write to orders@foschigroup.com stating the order number and type of change you would like to make. Changes cannot be guaranteed because orders are managed immediately and by automation, and if it is not possible to fulfil the request you will be informed. 
It is your right to cancel the order or return the goods you received and request a replacement. Your request must be sent within 14 working days by email to orders@foschigroup.com stating:
Your name.
Name or code of product/s.
Name or code of the product/s you would like as a replacement.
For further information about this call the number +39 06 417 905 800.
In case of withdrawal according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 185 of 22/05/99, delivery costs will be borne by you, and the returned goods must be in perfect condition, undamaged and with no signs of use, and must also have the original packaging/casing. Goods packed in compliance should be sent at your expense to the following address:
Demas Srl
Ufficio Resi
Via di Salone 132 , 00131 Roma.
Website shop.demas.it is not responsible for the state in which returned goods are received.
The goods will be checked on receipt, and if compliant the reimbursement procedure will be started. Either a credit note will be issued for new purchases on the website, shop.demas.it, in the manner agreed with our customer service department, or the full value of the goods returned will be refunded to your current bank account by bank transfer within 14 days of receipt of goods.
Payment methods
Bank transfer paid in advance: you can make your purchases by bank transfer, a particularly convenient and secure method if you have a current account that can be used with your bank's online banking service. The bank details for payment by bank transfer are:
IBAN: IT55M0538703223000003210738 
Beneficiary Name: Demas srl
To accelerate the processing of the order, send a copy of the bank transfer by email to orders@foschigroup.com with the bank transfer details.
Credit card: in the case that a purchase is made using a credit card as payment method, the credit card will be charged only when the order is processed. When you submit an order, shop.demas.it receives authorization to withdraw only the amount relating to the order. If the order is successfully concluded with the delivery by shop.demas.it to the courier, confirmation will be given and at that point the amount is debited. If the order undergoes a change in terms of missing items or decreased quantities, with a resulting reduction in the value of the order, shop.demas.it will proceed by updating the amount when it is withdrawn, which will be less than that estimated.
PayPal: in the case of purchasing goods with the PayPal payment method, the debit on your PayPal account takes place at the same time that the order is processed.
MyBank: MyBank allows you to pay securely online directly from your own current account without the need to register or share sensitive data. Click on MyBank and choose your bank, and you will be redirected to your online banking service where you can log in using your usual access codes.
Payment by credit card, PayPal or MyBank: it may occur that if you use one of these payment methods you receive an email confirming that the payment has been made, but not an email confirming the order with the summary of the items. In this case, the items are still in the shopping bag, therefore shop.demas.it protects you and has the autonomy to retrieve the contents of the shopping bag and send the order confirmation email. We do not advise you to change the status of the shopping bag by removing or adding items.
In the payment reference remember to specify: shop.demas.it website purchase and the order number to which the payment relates. 
If you have any questions contact us straight away by writing to orders@foschigroup.com  or calling at +39 06 417 905 800 from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30. We would be pleased to hear from you!
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