Foschi Srl - Foschi Syringe Infusion Pump SK 500 II

Foschi Syringe Infusion Pump SK 500 II

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Foschi Syringe Infusion Pump SK 500 II

Selling unit: 1 Pump
Packing Qt.: 5 pcs
VAT: 22%
€ 612,000 € 430,000 each
VAT: 22%


  • Three infusion modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Body Weight Mode
  • Membrane keyboard
  • Hook for universal stand
  • Dual CPU system that makes the infusion process safer and more reliable
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • The injection time is indicated so that the solution can be controlled during the process
  • The KVO rate prevents the formation of clots when the pump is inactive. Between 0.1 ml/h and 5 ml/h can be selected
  • The device is capable of recognizing the capacity of the syringe
  • The device is equipped with an alarm that automatically stops the process in case of errors or malfunctions
  • In case of power failure, thanks to the built-in battery, the device will automatically save the settings
  • Syringe type: 5,10, 20, 30, 50 ml
  • Increment: 0,1 ml/m