About us

Demas Srl, operational since1968
Demas, founded in 1968, was set up to meet the specific needs of the animal husbandry sector of that time. 
Demas has developed over the years. No longer a local concern, the company has become a market player, both nationwide and internationally. Demas caters to the needs of experts and professionals. It provides cover for an impressive range of sectors and fields of activity. 
Reflecting the attention that the management team has always paid to the demands of the marketplace, our company has, in recent years, acquired the standing of a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products in Italy. 

This is why top sector operators have chosen us as a partner, with growth performance well in excess of the market prospects. Operators consider DEMAS a springboard for the veterinary sector, thanks to its approach, its reputation for courtesy in its dealings, and its quality and service-oriented approach. 
Demas targets a vast customer base with an equally vast range of products and services. 
Our customer base includes animal farms, wholesalers, veterinarians, pet shops, pharmacies, stables and many other players. Our mission is to provide fully satisfactory solutions that meet all needs.

Please pay a visit to our various branches, where direct purchases may be made. You can also place orders via e-commerce portals, or by sending us an email or fax message. If you prefer to call, our call center is also at your service. 

DEMAS outlets (through Giulius – the friend of animals –) also provide a retail service. Vets, animal farmers and individual customers will find more than 20,000 items to choose from, including veterinary pharmaceuticals, feeds and feed supplements, instruments and animal husbandry equipment, medical or surgical products and, now, also a vast array of accessories for small animals. 

Giulius is the next logical step for a market-oriented concern like ours, that recognises the need for expansion of the supply-side, accompanied by quality and competitive costs. Above all in the pets sector, where our growth has been most impressive.